MPLS: Northeast
Posted on Jan 20, 2016

Known for its humble blue collar roots, historical yet revived architecture and overflowing tap rooms, Northeast “Nordeast” Minneapolis is an up-and-coming neighborhood drawing a wide mix of people from artists and non-conformists, to young families and professionals.

Essentially Northeast is a community in Minneapolis composed of 13 smaller neighborhoods whose street addresses end in “NE”. It is noted for its historic Grain Belt Beer sign and Hennepin Avenue Bridge which are the gateway to the area’s architecture, a blend of old and new, from modern residential high-rises to stunning Eastern European influenced churches speckled among mills and grain silos.

Beer lovers and penny pinchers will find abundant options in Northeast including the taprooms of Indeed Brewery and Bauhaus as well as the affordable eats on Central Avenue including some of the city’s best Mexican, Thai and Central American food as well as make it yourself options from the Holy Land grocery and deli. For sit-down hangouts, the patio of Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge with views of the Mississippi is always packed on a warm evening and overflowing with tiki drinks and greasy, yet delicious food.

Northeast maintains a very casual, low-brow, tattoo-cool reputation that seems to be catching on. The area is constantly transforming while always staying true to its blue-collar beginnings.